A Couple of Monkeys

Manuel Antonio National Park, Costa Rica (map)

After my bike ride last year I decided I had to permanently get away from one of my neighbors as they were just too annoying to live right next to and the world was just too big.  So we sold the house, cars, furniture, and have traveled for 25+ days and over 2,300 miles and who do we find standing right in front of us blocking all of our picturesque views…

🙂  All kidding aside we were super excited that we had the ability to invade Matt and Monica’s vacation and spend some time with such great friends!

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10 thoughts on “A Couple of Monkeys

  1. This is where we all went too!!!! I think that same monkey is the one that was going to whoop Colton in the woods! You better watch him. 😉

  2. 28 days down 300+ to go! Pictures are great, loved the tree frog. I also like the pictures of Emily jumping in the air. Dustin, next time try to get her entire shadow in the picture. Looking for the next posting – take a few pictures for me. Be safe.

  3. Are you serious? That’s the way it is with crazy neighbors, can’t live next to them……
    Did you know they were going? Love the picture of the monkey chillin, so much so that it’s my desktop background now here at work! Keeps me in a less serious mood….

    1. They didn’t plan on going to Costa Rica when we left the US, but we found out a couple weeks before that they were heading there and did our best to make sure it worked out; glad it did.

  4. So this is crazy – I just FB friended Sra Clay, my high school Spanish teacher. I saw your FB post about traveling the world and I had to pop over to say ‘hola’ to you 🙂 I lived in Costa Rica for 2 years (loved it) and now living in England. I have a blog too! Safe travels, Laura

    1. Sorry Laura, your comment was auto moderated into our spam box. Thanks for saying hi and your blog looks great, we will have to drop you a line as we get closer to the UK to see what you recommend!

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