A Whole New World

Mumbai or Bombay 🙂 , India (map)

Welcome to the fourth most populous city in the world, Mumbai. Nothing could have prepared me for this country called India!

I guess I would have thought after traveling through so many different types of countries this would not be the case. We have gone from 3rd world back to 1st world, even visiting the Middle East and India is still on a level of its own. Perhaps I would say in the 4 months or so of traveling, I have finally experienced what people call culture shock.

From inside our hotel room India seems the same as any other place, but step outside and the environment can be overwhelming all at once. The constant, loud sounds of car horns along with the strong smells of street food and burning garbage (even urine at times) engulf your senses. Crossing the street or taking a ride in a rickshaw is an experience all on its own (yes, I am thankful to be alive sometimes after being in or crossing India traffic).

There are so many things to cover when trying to describe our time since we have arrived here. Some of the positives are the incredibly flavorful food, the truly kind natured people, and the rich cultural history, while the negatives include the worst air pollution we have ever experienced, the public littering, and my personal difficulty in adjusting to dressing in the way that is respectful in the Indian culture (covered shoulders and legs).

After just a week of being here there are even too many pictures trying to capture our visit to Mumbai!

To view all of the photos, check out the gallery below (not visible by email).


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