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Dunedin, New Zealand (map)
Invercargill, New Zealand (map)

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but many times we find that pictures just don’t capture the energy of a place.  To remedy this we thought we would bring you a little bit of over excitement and maybe over acting in this latest set of pictures.

On the eve of 2013 we were celebrating New Years with some new found friends on a beach in Thailand, fast forward two and a half months and we have reunited with half the party in Dunedin.  Our friend Freya gave us a tour of the town and treated us to some over-sized Ice Cream cones before sending us on a sugar rush episode to conquer the World’s Steepest Street.



They just don’t make playgrounds like this anymore
So happy to see our friend Freya again; Thank You for showing us around your town
Here comes the sugar rush
World's Steepest Street
Ta Da! The World’s Steepest Street
Followed by the most tired man (somewhere there is a video of me trying to run up this street)
We are not sure what the statue is, but it overlooks the port into Dunedin
We head further south to see the most photographed waterfalls
See Niagara Falls in the background; that’s them!
Just Kidding – It’s actually the Purakaunui Falls

Purakaunui Falls

Sheep, Cattle, and Tourism is New Zealand’s largest GDP
Nothing beats the excitement of seeing a wild animal in their natural habitat

Sleepy Seal

Waipapa Point

Oreti Beach
The 30 KPH speed limit at Oreti Beach is Ironic
World's Fastest Indian
Considering that was the beach where Burt Munro (played by Sir Anthony Hopkins in The World’s Fastest Indian) did his practice runs before setting the Land Speed Record
Found out the hard way that if it’s too good to be true, then it’s probably illegal – Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!


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8 thoughts on “Animated Life

  1. Nice photos! I want to check out the world’s steepest street and didn’t realise the world’s fastest Indian was nearby. Thanks. BTW was that sea lion alive? He doesn’t look real healthy 🙂

  2. I agree with Ardun, that sea lion was there the last time I was! On the acting up idea, nice try, but you guys are best at being yourselves!

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