Australian for Wine

Hunter Valley, New South Whales, Australia (map)

As we made our way back south after our Great Barrier Reef experience we enjoyed visiting some of the quaint little towns that line the coast. We have definitely noticed that Australia has made it possible for smaller town living to still exist, which for being a tourist makes the driving much more entertaining.

Besides the GBR, another must-do on my list for Australia was to visit some of the country’s wine regions. We headed inland to a region known as the Hunter Valley. Consisting of more than 120 vineyards, we were surprised to hear that the Hunter is only responsible for about 2% of Australian’s wine production.  During our few days there we visited a handful of vineyards and along with the tasty wine we were spoiled with great weather and spectacular views.

That’s what she said…
This was our first official Kangaroo spotting!
Bruxner Park View Point in Coffs Harbour
Arriving just in time for an incredible sunset
Near one of our campsites where we stayed. Needless to say Dustin was devastated
Making it to Wine Country – The Hunter Valley
First tasting at Tyrrell’s which was established in 1858
Shiraz grapes prime for picking
Can you guess the name of the next vineyard we visited?
Enjoying the Hunter Valley
Learning the details of the vine cycle is difficult after a couple of tastings
Why can’t I be related to a vineyard owner?!

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4 thoughts on “Australian for Wine

  1. That’s a big banana and what does that represent? The Kangaroos are so cute. And what is with the tombstones at the no beer pub? But we see where the wine fields called you in though. (lol) I guess you and Dustin could always start a vineyard but then you would never get to go anywhere and you would all become lushes. But then you could put all the retired people to work and pay them in wine. HA! ha! Keep sending more photos.

    1. I think we are already lushes :). Australia has oversized roadside objects everywhere you go, it’s a theme for them I guess. Not a tombstone, but a historical marker (forget what for now though)

  2. Oh this brings back memories. I spent a lunchtime in August 2002 around the Hunter Valley wine tasting. Such a beautiful place and great wines. Thankfully I wasn’t driving. Hopefully one day I’ll have time to go back, maybe on a coach tour too.

    I love Australian red wines, especially Merlot which is my favourite.

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