Australian Goodbye

Grampians National Park, Victoria, Australia (map)
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia (map)

The Great Ocean Road led us to the entry of the Grampians National Park which is known for it’s beautiful waterfalls and high mountain vistas.  The park itself was magnificent but we were greeted again by the overwhelming black flies that have a life’s purpose to see just how far they can burrow into your ear, nose, mouth, and anywhere that can literally bug the crap out of you.  Thankfully though they don’t bite!  As our evening in the Grampians wound down we were treated to one of the most beautiful sunsets in Australia that came just after a strong thunder storm rolled through.  A fitting way for the country to say goodbye to our last night in a tent.

The next morning we drove into Melbourne to meet up with our friends Helen and Damian that we had met months earlier on this trip at a hostel in the wine region of Mendoza, Argentina.  The best parts of long term travel that we are experiencing is definitely the people.  What starts as a friendly conversation at a random location turns into hanging out and grabbing dinner and drinks, then ends in making friends (long distant or not) that  you hope to keep for life.

Damian and Helen thank you for your wonderful hospitality in opening your home to us, whipping my butt in a short run, and treating us to a truly Australian experience; The Barbie!

Working our way up the Australian Grand Canyon


Reaching the summit of the Grampians Pinnacle hike


Fighting off the Black Flies in style!


The amazing Mackenzie Falls


Escape artist in action


On our last night camping we were treated to some crazy beautiful lighting


Good to see in the heart of Melbourne, IBM has a presence 😉


The town has the feel of a busy Seattle


No barbie would be complete without some Kangaroo meat
Cheers to new friends, please come visit us in the States!

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  1. Lovely pictures and I love the head piece to keep the flies away.

    Melbourne is a fab city, I wrote lots and lots of blog posts about it. Hope you enjoyed it too.

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