Bariloche, Argentina, (map)

Finally taking a quick breath to start to catch up on some blogs.  We have been traveling and practically moving non-stop since leaving Mendoza 9 days ago; with our latest travels taking us 20 hours by bus followed by another 11 hours by plane.

I am ready for a vacation 🙂

View from the Penthouse 1004 Hostel in Bariloche, thanks Lynne for telling us about this great hostel.
We were excited to see the Saint Bernard’s all around the city, but sad to see their exploitation’s for tourist photos and dollars
Our favorite non-touristy hike in the area was the Llao Llao Park Loop
We saw maybe only 4 other people the whole hike
Which made the private vistas all the more memorable

This small picture doesn’t do it justice, make sure to click to open it

It seems I was the one taking all the pictures this time around
A few years back National Geographic named the Cerro Campanario view as one of the top 10 in the world!
Forget your viewpoints on Hostels we would stay here even on a vacation

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    1. It was a bit cold, but once in the sun it was nice. We are using the free Windows Live Photo Gallery software to do the stitching (sadly the camera doesn’t have it).

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