Barley There

Day 53 – Swan Valley to Idaho Falls, ID – 46 miles (windy)

The day started relaxed enough as we rolled out into an easy start, but unfortunately mechanicals  started occurring and Mark / Jon experienced a longer day then they would like.

Mark broke his chain for the second time during the trip during a uphill climb and Jon (our last hope) fell to the flat gods when his Schwalbe Marathon tire got a piece of glass wedged in it and after miles of rubbing punctured through both sides of his tube.

Luckily both the guys were able to repair their issues on route without any assistance and we made it into our overnight spot with benefits!

Mark contemplating who has the worst saddle
Swan Valley may rival the valley into Blacksburg, VA as the prettiest valley on route
Acorn (the dog) welcomes me to Idaho Falls

It's that time again
When barley meets mashers
and the taps run free
at Idaho Brewing Company -

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0 thoughts on “Barley There

    1. Its a blast with mixed feelings about it coming to an end. Half of me is ready to complete the goal as we are getting close to the finish and the other half sad that its ending. (but yes it’s still very tough, especially with wind like today; 20mph headwind)

  1. Swan Valley is a 10! Never been there. You have this amazing ability to find the most interesting brew pubs! Onward thru the beauty…

  2. I had the pleasure of meeting you in Arco, ID. Hope your stay was enjoyable. Love the blog. Hope the rest of your journey will be safe and be the experience of a lifetime. If you ever come back to our little town come into my store, I’ll buy ya’ll a beer.

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