Big Bend

Growing up in Texas you come to appreciate that our state is big and has all different types of regional landscapes, but in our first visit to Big Bend National Park we realized it’s almost a whole other states worth in one park.

More Flora and Fauna than you can shake a stick at
Deer spotting or Human spotting
Hiking to the top of Emory Peak
Good thing my life insurance policy wasn’t paid up
After a day long hike the view is your reward
Late planning to setup camp had us living out of the van
One of the clearest sky’s I have seen
The next morning we set out to explore canyons to the edge of Texas
But we quickly turned in search of water
Walking miles through the desert (Chevy Chase – Family Vacation style)
Until we found the Rio Grande river where Mexico and Texas meet

For more pictures checkout the slideshow below (not visible from email, come visit the blog):

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