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Knysna, South Africa (map)

Moving along the Garden Route we made an unexpected 2 day stop in Knysna after hearing about all the attractions the town offered.  Knysna is a popular vacation and retirement destination and we could easily see why with their slower pace of life and hundreds of miles of mountain bike trails.

Getting in some quality Tree Hugging time
The great big Saint Edwards Tree in Knysna is what got us to stop
On the drive out to the Saint Edwards Tree you can see where a large population of South Africa really lives
What kept us in Knysna was their claim to great mountain biking, good beer, and great views
I went for a ride while EmSue explored a hike to the coast
It’s debatable who had the better views on their excursion

Afterwards we headed back to Knysna for some R&R or B&B

Enjoying a change from the vineyards with a local beer tasting from Mitchell’s Brewery

Knysna is protected by The Heads which forms a lagoon against the city

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