Bugging Out

Cuzco, Peru (map)

Leaving Huaraz we treated ourselves to a little more luxury by taking a flight from Lima to Cusco versus the 22 hour bus ride, we figured at only $25 more we could afford to splurge a bit :).  Excited to be in Cusco on the verge of seeing Machu Picchu we explored the town and found it to be as clean and nice as Antigua, Guatemala and would highly recommend visiting!

We have also found ourselves having so much fun that we are getting further and further behind on blog updates so hopefully over the next few days we may be hitting you with several to get caught up on the latest (as we write you now from Bolivia).

We stayed in the San Blas neighborhood of Cusco

Enjoying large meals for just $2.50 a piece!

Every town has a Plaza de Armas

Inca's worship the weirdest gods

Sadly a mural we can sympathize with "Drinkable Water is Everyone's Dream"
My blog update office with a view


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