Cabo Wabo

Part two of our honeymoon had us leaving the adventures of California behind and heading south to the Baja Peninsula and the relaxing beaches of Cabo San Lucas.

If I can be brutally honest now looking back on Cabo, I would have to say it was a let down.  It was built up as this great vacation spot that everyone on the west coast heads off to for some fun in the sun.  But what no one tells you is…

  1. It’s not really Mexico, sure the language is Spanish but the prices are USA resort prices
  2. You can’t really swim in the Pacific Ocean as the surf and currents are too strong
  3. The only culture you really see is that of the American tourist
  1. They do still have some great snorkeling and clear swim-able waters in the Gulf of California
  2. You can see the El Arco de Cabo San Lucas (Lands End), lovers beach, and divorces beach
    • Though none of these you get to enjoy to yourself, but with hundreds of other tourist
  3. You will have a good chance to meet some other great honeymooners like Kerry & Tyler and still make the best of times

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