Caffeine High

Antigua, Guatemala (map)

When it comes to beverages Dustin loves a good craft beer and I of course love wine. We have visited vineyards to understand how wine is made as well as we have spent many Saturday afternoons at breweries learning the process of making beer. It has also been nice learning from Dustin’s brother, Nick, a brewmaster over his own

If you like coffee and ever have a chance, we recommend visiting a coffee plantation and attending a tour. I never could have imagined how arduous the process of making coffee could be. The beverage itself seems so simple!

While in Antigua, we decided to take a tour of the nearby coffee plantation called Finca Filedefia. Antigua, Guatemala, is known for their coffee plantations and the arabica coffee beans they produce. It was interesting to learn how important the volcanic soil from the area is for these arabica coffee trees. We also learned the difference between “good” coffee (arabica) and “bad” coffee/instant coffee (robusto).

We had a blast in the coffee fields searching for that ripe red coffee bean ready for picking.  Our guide took the time to go through every step of the process of how that cup of hot goodness comes to be.

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6 thoughts on “Caffeine High

  1. Hi Dustin & Emily Sue,

    We didn’t see you guys anymore! How is your Spanish
    Going? We traveld through Honduras and Belize to
    Playa Del Carmen where we spend our last days on the beach
    Relaxing and partying! Tuesday we will fly back to holland!

    Have an amazing trip, for sure we will read your blog ones
    In a while. It was nice meeting you guys! When you arrive in Holland let us know
    And we will show you our country!

    Regards Ellen & Riëlle

    1. Hey Guys!!!! (gals :))

      So glad you said hi and I am glad I was able to give you that last minute card. Yesterday we made our way from San Pedro down to Nicaragua where we are stopping for a day or two before going into Costa Rica.

      It was great getting to travel along together and we are sad we didn’t get a photo of y’all before moving on. Take care and hope to see you Holland!

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