Road Trip Day 3 – Fernley, NV to Bluejohn Canyon, UT – 673 miles
Road Trip Day 4 – Bluejohn Canyon to Moab, UT –  137 miles

After a long previous day across California there was no rest in sight as we traveled from western Nevada to eastern Utah on the loneliest road in America and ending the final 35 miles of the drive on a dirt road to Utah’s Canyon region to reenact the story of Between a Rock and a Hard Place. 🙂

Apparently the county is tired of rescuing people after the movie came out -

As we head into the West Fork of Blue John Canyon we hope our fate isn't similar
Hoping for some narrower passages

Begin the down-climbing

Enjoying the canyon, but can we get back up

Out of the depths just as the heat started to rise
Canyon just outside of Moab on the Colorado River reminded us of the Grand Canyon
Visited Castle Creek Winery -
Then over to Moab Brewery - , we learned Utah alcohol laws are very interesting (hence the small sampler)
Hint in the background of where we are visiting tomorrow

Happy 4th of July!

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