Cape Town

Cape Town, South Africa (map)

We originally planned 14 days to see all of South Africa with just two nights in Cape Town, but due to some inclement weather we delayed our departure from the Cape to make sure we could see the great views from atop the famous Table Mountain.

The easiest way up Table Mountain is by cable car, but that’s just another tourist attraction with long lines that cuts into our daily budget.  Plus one of the main reasons we are taking this trip in our thirties versus our sixties is so we can hike the heck out of this world.

The park ranger said it takes about 2:30 hours up and a little less down, but seeing that we had been cooped up indoors due to weather the past couple days we made an exercise of it 🙂

The colorful Bo Kaap neighborhood in Cape Town

Platteklip Gorge Hike up Table Mountain

It’s like ascending into a Never Ending Story Fairy Tale
You could almost touch both sides
After a strenuous one hour stair climb worthy hike we made it to the top
Followed by a quicker way down

Yoga Around the World – Cape Town
The trail down was a little rougher on the knees, 1 hour up 1 hour down

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2 thoughts on “Cape Town

  1. Hi Emily Sue & Dustin,
    My parents (Laura & Dave Dirks) passed your blog along. I’m so happy you made it to South Africa! I studied abroad there in 1999. For the millennium they opened Table Mountain overnight. We watched the last sunset of the old millennium and the first sunrise of the new. And in between we looked down on Cape Town fireworks. Your photos bring back such good memories! Enjoy one of my favorite countries.

    1. Hi Anne,
      Thanks for saying hi! SO glad you are following along. What an awesome night that must have been on Table Mountain. We have LOVED South Africa. I wish more people would get a chance to visit this incredibly beautiful country. They don’t know what they’re missing, just like we didn’t until we got here!

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