CouchSurfing with New Friends

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia (map)

Before arriving in Australia and researching the prices of hostels and cheap hotels we knew we would be camping it a lot.  So we tried our luck with the CouchSurfing website to see if we could find any accommodations to give us a break from the tent.  Unfortunately after multiple attempts to reach out to hosts we came up empty handed.

But as luck would have it during our Great Barrier Reef tour we met new friends Courtney and Bryan who are fellow Americans from California that have been working abroad in Sydney.  We hit it off with them so well that they invited us to stay a few nights at their place when we passed through town.  Now normally we wouldn’t want to impose on brand new friends, but tent life was getting old and it’s really hard to find a campsite in an urban jungle like Sydney; so we jumped at the offer.

After a quick day trip in the UNESCO Blue Mountains west of Sydney we found our way through the city streets to what they called their modest apartment near Bondi beach.  It was a luxurious treat!  Balcony views of the famous Bondi beach, real showers :), and getting to hang out with Courtney and the pups!  Bryan was unfortunately busy with a hectic work schedule, but we did get to grab dinner with him while we passed through town.

Thank You Courtney and Bryan so much!  Looking forward to when we can repay your kindness and generosity!
















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8 thoughts on “CouchSurfing with New Friends

  1. Fabulous pictures which bring back lots of memories for me. I really enjoyed the Blue Mountains and it is well worth the day trip from Sydney. Did you try that really steep short railway? I think they claimed it as the railway with the highest gradient of any in the world.

  2. Such beautiful pictures!!! I’ve enjoyed every single blog and all of the pictures from my cube in Austin and have certainly day dreamed about all of these wonderful places you guys have visited. Thank you for sharing your adventure – it’s been a joyful trip on this side of the blog too. 🙂

      1. I guess you can say you have been consuming for the past year – consuming all of the wonderful sights, sounds, tastes, cultures and absolute beauty the world has to offer and sharing it with all of us. All of that makes it sooooo much better and not even on the same level as the “just riding a couch and collecting benefits” type of consuming. 🙂
        Anyway, thank you for sharing it all! 🙂 I feel like I’ve added a hundred virtual rocks to my collection already. 🙂

  3. Great pics! Meeting new friends serendipitously is the best. Things always have a way of working out. Many people may find it weird crashing at a strangers or new friends house abroad, but being a CouchSurfer myself its a different kind of thinking of being open to experiences. There are good people all over the world.

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