Creating a Social Cloud for $1.18


Part of my planning for the XC ride this year is to recruit others to join me, create a living scrapbook for my memories, and  hopefully inspire a few folks to take on a dream of theirs as others have inspired me.  To hopefully help save someone else some time here is pieces I learned so far.

Choosing a Brand or Domain name and make sure you can get all the different tools named after it secured:

  • Domain registration: $1.18 a year – frequent special through GoDaddy
  • Twitter: free
  • Google Groups: free
  • Facebook: free
  • Email: free – using Google Apps for less than 50 users you get the email, calendar, docs, sites, and more for free
  • Web Hosting: free – I started with Google Sites but then moved to WordPress

Blogs that attracted me were those with a Brand that quickly conveyed to the point information, nice pictures, and an inspiring journey.  Thanks for the inspiration – PathlesspedaledGoingSlowly, FatCyclist, VeloDramatic, OntheGoodRoad, theOasisofmySoul, Tynan.

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