Detours & Dogs

Day 25 – Hartville to Ash Grove, MO – 73 miles

Quite an interesting day:

  • We were faced with 3 closed bridges on our route that would have us detour over 20 miles
    Several local folks gave us their opinion on better routes
    We choose to attempt to wade across the rivers
  • My goal to cross the USA with zero flats was ruined today when I met a staple
    Mark had his first flat on his new and improved tires while attempting to cross the river
    Jon is our last hope for making it flat free across
  • We had our worst dog attack yet when a pack of boxers decided to take chase
    Jon’s panniers suffered a bite wound
    Mark’s handlebar tape was slightly snagged; lucky for us they weren’t out for our blood
Mark challenging the system

Luckily we didn't have to ford the river, the construction guys let us use their work road

Nice lunch spot in Marshfield, MO ran by some cool folks from LA
Their son Chaz played SXSW in Austin this year, check him out -

Flat #1 and hopefully last

Overnight spot in Ash Grove, MO tonight

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  1. It was a great day all around! The boxers weren’t out for blood and DELL reported to Wall Street better than forecasted earnings!

  2. Hey man. You have a way with meeting the best people! Chaz is good and what a crossing of bridges and circumstance! You go man!

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