Free Vacation

Lima, Peru (map)

We had our day down to a science, we would fly from Panama City to Lima arriving at 4:30pm in the afternoon and catch the 10:30pm night bus from Lima to Huaraz.  The problem with planning even this little bit out is that if your checked luggage fails to make the connection in Columbia you may find yourself in a much colder environment with only shorts and a t-shirt on.

As luck would have it our luggage didn’t make the 1 hour connection and as we scrambled to reschedule our overnight bus to the next day the folks at Avianca Air meanwhile presented us with a present of $80.00 USD cash, without even asking!

That is how you got a free vacation in Lima, Peru!

Before we knew our luggage was missing

Heading into the Church of San Francisco Catacombs

On the brighter side of things we have found most parks are either ran by dogs or cats
The Huaca Pucllana ruins merged into the heart of the Lima Miraflores metropolitan district

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11 thoughts on “Free Vacation

  1. Love reading your updates. What a fabulous experience!! You two are living a dream…Thanks for keeping us posted and for letting us peek into your adventures through your wonderful pictures 🙂

  2. Hey guys! Did your luggage arrive the next morning?
    Mine came but they lost my fluorescent yellow cover! I am in Cusco now-started work yesterday, but seemed to have picked up a cold along the way somewhere so taking it easy right now. Let me know when you’ll be here we’ll have to grab dinner or something?
    Enjoy Huarez! Katy x

  3. Dustin,
    I just read your blog post for July and August and I am even more jealous. You have having such great fun. I thought by now you would want to come home – how lucky on the $80 from the airlines. BTW… I am riding the bike you loaned me like crazy. Changed out the seat for a softer one for my butt (have the old one to switch back). Rnady is also riding me. We really miss you. Have a great time and life

    1. Haha, thanks Judy! You sound a little like my mom saying she thought I would be ready to come home already :). Glad to hear you are getting great use out of the bike and found a more comfortable seat, that is important. I was telling Curt the other day I do sadly miss work and being productive / creating something productive that others use, but not enough to head home yet (plenty of years for that). Thanks for saying hi on the blog and please do so anytime you see something you like, want to give us recommendations, or any other reason.

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