Glaciers, Gold & Good Company

Fox/Franz Josef Glaciers, New Zealand (map)
Picton, New Zealand (map)

After seeing the incredible Earnslaw Burn glacier during one of the best hikes of our lives it was hard to be all that excited about seeing the more touristy well known New Zealand glaciers, the Fox and the Franz Josef. In the end we are definitely glad we saw them. I must admit it really is amazing to be able to walk from a car park down a fairly short path and find yourself standing at the base of a glacier!

Once we left the glaciers we got back into the Blue Blur and hit the road. It became somewhat of a daily tradition when we would get into the car and Dustin would start singing Willie Nelson’s song “On the road again…” Along the west coast we made the obligatory stops, seeing some of the sites as well as enjoying the natural beauty that makes New Zealand so special.

As we neared the town of Picton and scheduled our ferry ride to the North Island for a few days later, we found ourselves at another one of our favorite DOC campsites in NZ. Yes, the scenery along the Queen Charlotte Sound road is spectacular, but what really made us enjoy this campsite most were the people we met there. I think if we had to sum up what we have enjoyed most about our travels during this RTW adventure, it would be the connections we have made and conversations we have had with random strangers all around the world.

Starting the walk to Fox Glacier
Starting the walk to Fox Glacier
Fox Glacier up close…can you see the tiny people walking on it?
Fox Glacier from a lower view point
Um….yeah 😉
Walking back to the car park at Fox, the scenery is not too shabby
Arriving to the walk to Franz Josef Glacier we were greeted by these pretty falls
Posing with Franz…too bad Hans could not join us
Franz Josef Glacier
“On the Road Again!”
The Blue Pools
The Blue Pools
The Punakaiki Pancake Rocks
“Double rainbow? What does it mean?”
Panning for Gold
Panning for Gold
New Zealand beauty
Queen Charlotte Sound
I was not the only one confused by what Dustin was doing…too bad he never found the air leak
Fishing New Zealand
Our new friends were also incredible fishermen
Thanks to Murray we ate like royalty

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