Good Hope

Simon’s Town, South Africa (map)

Welcome to Africa!

Well, we finally moved on to a new continent and… We LOVE IT! We arrived to South Africa completely exhausted and sleep deprived, but after a great night’s rest we went out to begin exploring this incredibly beautiful country.

Our first full day in Cape Town, South Africa, we decided to take our rental car out for a full day’s drive (on the wrong side of the road might I add which is strange). We headed out of Cape Town down to Simon’s Town to see the well known South African Penguins of Boulder’s Beach. After grabbing a lunch of Fish and Chips we ventured down to Cape Point National Park. Most people still believe that the Cape of Good Hope is the Southern most point on the African continent. Sadly this is not the case, HOWEVER, it IS the most South-western point of the African continent!

The views from Cape Point and the drive that day were breathtaking. The scenery reminded us of our vacations in Hawaii and California. After 3 months on the road and with 9 countries under our belt, we actually said for the first time to one another that this could be a place we could actually consider moving to. Don’t worry though…We Go RTW is still moving on!

Excited to finally see Penguins since we missed them in Patagonia
The South African Penguin
Posing contest
Penguin with a view
Boulder’s Beach in Simon’s Town
All dressed up in his fancy tuxedo
Cape Point National Park
Unbelievable views from a hiking trail that was actually closed (we found out after we finished)

The end of Africa (sort of)
Cape of Good Hope Ostrich
Colorful huts in Muizenberg on the South African Coastline

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6 thoughts on “Good Hope

  1. You made it to another continent! The pictures are astounding, makes me so want to see the world with my camera. How are you doing with computer memory from all the pictures you are taking? Wondered why I hadn’t gotten any recent e-mails from you – saw your note that it was have technical problems. Good luck in Africa – looking forward to more amazing picts!


    1. The biggest way we are saving on computer memory is by not shooting pictures in RAW mode, I know it’s blasphemy for photography but some sacrifices had to be made.

    1. We are still planning on the states, but South Africa is pretty darn tempting. If y’all could all move down here 🙂

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