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Well it has been quite awhile since our last blog post, but I can tell you we are still just as excited about our upcoming adventure. With the holidays here we have definitely been preoccupied. One of the things the hubby and I have been working on as far as our trip goes is our Christmas Wish list. I don’t want it to sound greedy, but it is something both of our families like us to make each year. To be honest it has been totally weird this year (at least for me) to add things like a “point it dictionary” and “travel underwear”, etc. A typical Christmas Wish list from me would usually include asking for unlimited funds toward White House Black Market! Wow times have changed!

One of the things on my Wish List this year is my travel backpack. Thankfully Mr. RTW already has a great one which he used on our 2 week backpacking trip to Europe a few years back. I, on the other hand, have always seemed to mooch off friends the 2 times I have needed one. Well, this time I asked for my own. After doing research it seems RTW travelers choose a variety of sizes ranging from 40 L to 70 L. How big they are is measured in Liters. On average though it seems 55-65 is most common. The pack I have been eyeing is a popular one and is super supportive and comfortable. It is the Gregory Deva 60. The 60 tells you the Liter size I chose. The bad news about this pack is it is on the expensive side. My parents (who I am so thankful are being so supportive) told me they wanted to get me my pack for Christmas. It almost came down to them having to pay full price when I got lucky on Google. Turns out was having a huge sale on the very pack I wanted! So….even though it is a Christmas present and I should wait to say until after I officially receive it. I am a proud owner of a Gregory Deva 60!!!

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