The Great American National Park Tour

To complete our series of back stories of previous trips together we end with what was probably the most fun, beautiful, and tiring extended week of our lives.

  • Wyoming – Yellowstone National Park
  • Wyoming – Grand Teton National Park
  • California – Redwood National and State Park
  • Utah – Blue John Canyon
  • Utah – Arches National Park
  • Colorado – Mesa Verde National Park
  • New Mexico – White Sands National Monument
  • New Mexico – Carlsbad Caverns National Park
  • Home to Texas!

The pictures of this trip together were some of my most favorite and I just can’t wait until we start our world adventure to top it!

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Techie, TreeHugger, Outdoor Adventurist, Motorhead, and can now say World Traveler!

4 thoughts on “The Great American National Park Tour

    1. Thanks Alysa! The pictures are our favorite part of blogging, so there will definitely be plenty more to come!

  1. Your photos are absolutely stunning and oh so timely as I’m heading to Colorado in August and I’m extending my stay to see Mesa Verde and Great Sand Dunes!! Your photos make me even MORE excited for my road trip! Hope you’re having fun!

    1. Thanks Chrystal! You will love the national parks plus we highly recommend making a quick side trip from Colorado to Moab; it’s a whole other type of beautiful there.

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