Great Ocean Road

Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Australia (map)

Just like in the USA we have incredible coastal drives like the Pacific Coast Hwy 1 in California, so does Australia. One of the things that stayed consistent when asking Australians what we should do while in their home country was that they insisted we drive the Great Ocean Road in Victoria. The Great Ocean Road begins in the small town of Torquay and extends 151 miles to finish in Warnnambool.

Now we are not going to lie and say we were jumping for joy at the idea of spending more time in and putting more miles on our rental car…in grand total for the month we were in Australia we can report to you that we drove over 4,000 miles. But, the fact was we still had a good week before our departure flight out of the country so we decided we would embark on the journey. We took our sweet time and saw not only breathtaking scenery, but Dustin also got to be the 8 year old he truly is by getting out of the drivers seat and back on a bicycle 😉

“On the road again”
The incredible views begin immediately
3 (2)
View from Teddy’s Lookout in Lorne shows a perfect view of what the Great Ocean Road is all about
The USA needs to take note: a city bike park right across the street from an elementary & middle school (this will get them active)
Local Levi ripping through the bends
Thanks to Levi, Dustin got to try it out on his own with Mark showing him around the course
An eight year old at heart
The hang gliders were hoping to not land in the ocean…Australian oceans we decided are more for looking at than getting into. This due to sharks, stingers and the other many things that will getcha!
Free Camping at Johanna Beach wasn’t exactly a secret!
We finally arrive to the famous Twelve Apostles, a collection of limestone stacks off the shore of Port Campbell National Park
Sadly there are only 8 stacks left with the the most recent one crashing down back in 2005
They are a perfect example of what I like to call ocean erosion art
Yoga Posing ‘Round the World – Lock Ard Gorge, Great Ocean Road
Dustin’s attempt to climb out of the gorge without using the stairs
“Great Ocean” erosion
The beautiful London Arch (formerly London Bridge)
After long days of sightseeing it is hard to top accommodations with a view like this!



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  1. Once again, great pixs! Being 8 again is highly under rated, so glad it’s still in you Dustin! WE MISS YOU GUYS!

  2. As always great pictures. I really liked the stacks. Dustin where was your hard hat when you rode the bike?

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