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Naples, Italy (map)

As we continue to travel Round The World one thing that is difficult for an ADD traveler like myself is to change the scenery frequently enough to keep it exciting, butever since my first college Geology course with professor Mikan he made volcanoes seem right up there with plate tectonics and earthquakes.

A great professor who really knew how to capture bored students imaginations by presenting everything with bigger than life energy and all the enthusiasm of the 2012 End of the World theories.  For instance did you know that Mount Vesuvius has had a major eruption about every 50 years since it’s catastrophic eruption in 79 AD, but it has been silent since 1944.

Geology Rocks!!! 😉

As we cruised back to Italy we had a chance to see Volcano Stromboli smoking which inspired us for our next 5 days of traveling

Back on to dry land we headed south to Naples, Italy to make it our home base for the week
Just south of Naples, Herculaneum the lesser known city than Pompeii was also covered and preserved in the 79 AD Vesuvius eruption
Our goal for the day was to visit Mount Vesuvius, but it seemed to be constantly clouded in at the top
Fortunately as we neared the top of the hike the skies cleared
Overlooking Naples from Mount Vesuvius, just below the cloud line
Looking into Vesuvius there was no lava in sight
But still a little smoke
It’s really hard to capture a picture with Vesuvius

Sadly our views were short lived as the clouds rolled back in
Our next stop was the Solfatara “Super” Volcano
Similar to the Super Volcano located in Yellowstone National Park the Solfatara is just slightly less devastating when it erupts
Just a wee bit hot if you get too close to the steam
Keeping our safe distance

Yoga Posing Around the World – In a Super Volcano!!!
Not one to always listen to the warnings
Enough surfing on the Internet, now get Back to Work

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3 thoughts on “Growing Planet

  1. Gorgeous view of Naples! Love you guys and miss you all! Jackie and George were in OKC this past weekend and we kept saying over and over again how much we missed you guys!

  2. Hey guys – we just got home – the photo I took of you both on the Jade with Stromboli in the background actually turned out – Now you know I wasn’t pulling your chain about Vesuvius and Stromboli – Irish now 11-0 – good luck and stay safe – Tom from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

    1. Hi Tom, How was the Trans Atlantic cruise? Congrats to your Irish and best of luck on the rest of the season. Thanks again for taking the great photo, one of our favorites!

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