Happy Diwali

Mumbai, India (map)

It’s been over 100 days since we last saw anyone we knew, so it is with great excitement that the timing worked out to see some of our favorite people from Austin, TX in India.  Plus who better to show us around India than our friends who grew up here!

Gautam was raised in Mumbai (or actually it was called Bombay when he was growing up here) and he and his family were nice enough to invite us into their home to celebrate the holidays with them.  His mom is a great cook and spoiled us day in and day out with endless amounts, which really made it feel more like Thanksgiving to us with such full stomachs.

The largest Indian festival of the year is Diwali, the festival of lights, and is celebrated all over India by Hindu’s alike.  To be able to share this time of year with them and learn the history behind the festival was truly special.

Thank You Sarda Family!

So happy to see our friends Gautam & Sumita
Sumita taking us out for some Diwali shopping
Gautam’s mom presented EmSue with her first Bindi for the festivals of Diwali
Next we were taught the significance of the candle lighting ceremony in the memory of past family members and ancestors
Learning the rituals of the Hindu Diwali festival, to relate it back home it’s the equivalent to Christmas in giving thanks, praise, and worship to god
Thank You Sarda Family!

Diwali is known as the Festival of Lights
So to top the festival off we head outside to lightup a few of our own
Guess who’s doing her Yoga thing

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  1. Aww! friends! we missed all of you at friends thanksgiving but i know you are all having a great time. I hope you’re buying some good stuff! Sumita knows how to shop. I’m jealous.

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