Happy New Years

A year ago today we were having a blast on a beach in Thailand ringing in the New Year and tonight we plan to be doing the same with our friends here in Texas!

Some of our goals for this next year:

  • Bust a lung biking & hiking up Pikes Peak
  • Freeze in the Utah Narrows and locate the Texas Narrows
  • Imitate Forest Gump running in the Monument Valley
  • Relive the Emerald Mile by exploring the Grand Canyon by boat and/or foot
  • Adventure the back roads into Cuba
  • Discover hidden gems like Ketchum, ID right next to Sun Valley skiing
  • Find gold as the Aspens flare in September at the Rocky Mountain National Park
  • Ski down after hiking to a summit of a Volcano in Washington
  • Catch the light just right in the Antelope Canyon
  • Meditate and actually achieve it not fake it
  • Savor food from our own Garden
  • Volunteer & Donate More
  • Plan our next RTW Adventures or Make Babies – either one would be life changing 🙂

What will 2014 have in store for you…


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2 thoughts on “Happy New Years

  1. Thanks for asking. Our plans are to allow family to volunteer to help us around the house, and to donate to our retirement accounts! Actually, Linda is retiring in December this year! I plan to take her on more business trips to ports of interest in the meantime. Also, we plan on Linda watching as I try out my new knee and get back up on the horses this year!

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