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Day 11 – Wytheville to Damascus, VA – 57 miles

Pretty great day only about 1500 ft of climbing followed by several thousands of feet of descending thanks to the work put in the past few days.  The end town seemed like a summer time ski resort with a bunch of outdoor folks lounging around since it intersected with the path of the Appalachian Trail hikers.  We stayed overnight in a Methodist Hostel which was cheap and saved us from some overnight rain, but when I woke up this morning at 5am man was the place rocking with snores (may prefer camping going forward).

Brunch Stop
Seth, the first Appalachian through hiker we met

The Bike Shop
Trail Hiker taking a rest
The Methodist Hostel
Soft Beds
Why cyclist ride on roads

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  1. Hey there Dustin, Mark and Abe – we enjoy following the blog and seeing where you guys are. We thoroughly enjoyed your visit and wish there was a stop at our house on a return trip! Anyway, best wishes. We know you will do well.
    Sincerely, Dan and Ann Berenato

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