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The world of social media can do wonders in connecting people of like interests with each other and an audience.  Emily Sue has admitted to me “I just don’t get twitter”, implying why do we need to use it.  Where Facebook is great at connecting you with the friends you already have, Twitter is great with connecting you to a world of people you don’t know and this is how we met our new online friends Susana and Peter of AlwaysTwirling.

Susana and Peter started their round the world travels in November of 2011 in Bali Indonesia and have since made their way through Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Australia, and Italy.  Peter recently reached out to us asking if we would be willing to answer some interview questions as they have been interviewing other travelers on similar RTW trips; we thought how fun!

Little did we know we would learn more about each other during the interview –

To follow Susana & Peter as they go RTW check them out:
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