Into the Wild

Day 39 – Dillon, CO – Rest Day (continued)
Day 40 – Dillon to Hot Sulphur Springs, CO – 61 miles

Headed out from populated cities this morning back into sparse areas where we increase towns populations by 10% when we arrive; cell phone reception and internet access will be hard to find until we hit I-80 in Wyoming.

Day before we were riding in 25mph winds, this day was perfect calm for reflections
I want one of these signs
Summit County has 90 miles of gorgeous bike trails
Another Dam Brewery Visit - Dillon, CO

Aspens and Waterfalls
Anyone know what these are? Saw several of them today
Reminded me of the Dam from the original Superman

The late snow melt is straining the Colorado River

Overnight spot in Hot Sulphur Springs; City Park since the other park was flooded

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0 thoughts on “Into the Wild

  1. Dustin, I have thouroughly enjoyed reading your posts. That contraption is for stacking hay. I have spent many an hour loading and stacking hay in southern Colorado as a kid using one.

    Dave Emerick

  2. Dustin, I admire you so. What beautiful scenery you are sharing with us. Makes me want to be in Colorado and catch a trout or two!

  3. Wow Dustin, the pixs are great! Wish I still had the lungs to ride at that altitude. I’ve seen those ramps before to and was told it was a home made snow board jump ramp for the lowlanders!

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