Jamaican Me Crazy

Our first greater family vacation outside the United States took us to Jamaica, Grand Cayman, & Cozumel on a cruise ship; nothing like all you can eat meals and clear blue waters to bring a family closer together.

The Carnival Conquest
Excited as we depart out of Galveston, TX
First destination Montego Bay - Jamaican for Relaxation
Zip Lining at www.YSFalls.com
Our nephew Kameron going for a swing
Back on our way to the next island
Taking a tour of Grand Cayman with www.MobyDickTours.com
Dad is enjoying hanging with the ladies
Meanwhile the ladies are enjoying kissing the Stingrays
Next stop Cozumel, Mexico
Where my brother is trying his hand at Snuba (Scuba minus the tank)
It took some diving to reach them
But was finally able to catch them for a moment
Meanwhile the parents and kids headed underwater another way

For more pictures checkout the slideshow below (not visible from email, come visit the blog):

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3 thoughts on “Jamaican Me Crazy

  1. I’ve been to YS Falls! It’s really cool that we’ve both been there. I’ll contact you directly – I think your adventure is wonderful and am looking forward to following along here on the intertubes.

    1. @Randy we will need your help for sure in Costa Rica :), I am glad you found our site a little early before we make the official announcement to the rest of FB (clever guy)

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