Kiwi Souvenir

Christchurch, New Zealand (map)
Akaroa, New Zealand (map)

After a month in Australia camping it, I knew that would not be the end of our time in the outdoors. New Zealand was next on our agenda and everything we had read was how the most popular way to REALLY see the country is either by campervan or camping.

So…if any of you know my husband you know that he was NOT willingly going to spend another $1,000 on a rental vehicle. After some research, we arrived to the city of Christchurch and immediately dropped 1,200 NZ Dollars, AKA just over $1,000 USD on what we like to call our “Blue Blur” mobile. Yes, he is old and yes he has faults, but so far he is serving us well 🙂
“You’re my boy Blue” is commonly quoted on a daily basis for those of you who are fans of the movie Old School.

The Blue Blur is a 1990 Toyota Corona Diesel no A/C Wagon and the German Backpackers we bought him from also were nice enough to throw in some extras, like a tent, cooking supplies, etc…

While in Christchurch, which was for a very short time, we saw some of the good and the bad. As most might remember in early 2011 Christchurch suffered an awful earthquake and has since been dealing with the damage from many aftershocks. Though some of the city is still under construction we thoroughly enjoyed the botanical gardens as well as the Container Mall (Austin should jump on this).

Once we left the city center we ventured out to the Banks Peninsula for our first glimpses of what we knew New Zealand would be offering quite a bit of during our visit…incredible scenery!

Christchurch in Earthquake repair
The beautiful botanical gardens
Gives the Redwoods a good rivalry


Learning a new definition to Punting


Very creative short-term rebuilding decor, beats the Austin food trailers
Christchurch Container Mall
Welcome to the Akaroa peninsula


Our first souvenir purchase of the trip, though we plan to sell it before we leave (too big to carry in our backpacks)


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4 thoughts on “Kiwi Souvenir

  1. Just catching up on RTW – awesome car! I’m going to try to find a Dodge Dos Equis or a Mercury Modelo now that I know the Corona is out there. Fun stuff. Do you have a plan/scheme in mind for selling it? Worst case scenario, if you’re stuck with it, you could tape a brick to the accelerator and film it from a distance driving off one of the many cliffs you seem to find. Not sure why, but that’s always been a dream of mine.

    Actually, thinking about it for just this moment, it’s probably not eco-friendly or legal. Could get you arrested or hurt. So nevermind – don’t do that. Phew – glad I told you not to do that. 🙂

    1. Haha, clever and funny. The German backpackers we bought it from had the same plan for the car; if they couldn’t sell it that were going to demolishing derby it or something to that effect.

      We plan(ned) to sell it once we get to Auckland. Since we are behind on blog posts I won’t ruin the surprise until we get there, but if you are on Google Latitude (or if you just click this link) you can always see our latest GPS location –

      I am sad however that I never too a picture with the car and a actual Corona.

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