Koala Country

Snowy River National Park, Australia (map)
Raymond Island, Victoria, Australia (map)

After our unbelievable accomplishment of reaching the summit of Mt. Kosciusko 😉 we headed down a long and winding road through the Snowy River National Park. Since the Information center lady couldn’t express enough how beautiful the drive was down this particular road, we thought for sure it would be crowded. Luckily for us during the 2 days on the road we only saw 3 other cars! During this road trip we crossed into the third and final state of Australia we would be visiting, Victoria.

Once we made it out of the Snowy River Valley we headed to what we had heard was “the best place to see koalas in their natural habitat”. We drove through Lakes Entrance and over to the small town of Paynesville. We had read that there was a ferry that would take us over to Raymond Island, where all these koalas were supposedly living. It was pretty funny once we realized that the distance the ferry takes you from the mainland to the island is only 650 feet away. Literally the ferry ride took 2 minutes on the dot. The island itself is only a bit over 3 miles long and 1 mile wide, but once we arrived it was obvious that the island was loaded with koalas, around 300 we were told. Immediately after stepping off the ferry we spotted our first one in the tree above us.

Australian must see = koala… CHECK!

Wait…are we on Easter Island?
Snowy Mountain National Park views
New South Wales/Victoria state line marker
At first we thought it was a huge koala, but we later found out it was a Wombat
Koala Country on Raymond Island
Based on the amount of Koala droppings we saw on the ground I looked up with some hesitation
Mister Koala having his afternoon snack
Another cutie
Koala + me = BFF
Would be pretty neat to live in a house where you see this guy chilling out your window
Dustin with his new friend
Another Australian original

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  1. The koalas are freakin adorable! And you saw a wombat, Ari was just saying she would love a pet wombat after watching a nature show. Too funny!

    1. Not sure how good of a pet they would make, seem like big possums. But to each their own, maybe a good addition to a $300 hamster 😉

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