Learning How to Slow Down

Island of Chichima San Blas, Panama (map)

It’s a running joke with my wife and friends that I am a 5 year old child that doesn’t know the definition of relax.  When others see a private secluded beach with palm trees and privacy they see tranquility, I unfortunately see boredom.

The idea of sitting around all day and not accomplishing anything other than a few chapters in a book is my idea of wasted time, but sometimes that is exactly what is needed.

As EmSue said in our last post Panama has been great for us to recharge for a while, rest after our 30 day 6 country tour, take it slow & easy, and replace some missing valuable necessities.  For me I believe these breaks prevent burn out and reigintes the passion to get moving again after becoming weary of long bus rides and dirty hostels.

With this new fuel and fresh energy we depart Panama on to South America!

Heading from the Panama mainland to the San Blas Islands
This was the first island we came to and were were happy to find it wasn’t our overnight spot
When we finally arrived we were surprised how spacious it was
OK, just kidding here is the actual Island of Chichima
Chichima Welcoming Committee
Our friendly guide gave us the tour of the island

Our Private Cabana
With our choice of bed styles
Happy to find the shared bathroom was not a hole in the ground
After settling in we went in search of food
With our new friends from Germany & Switzerland

The main entree of every meal!
We can see how Tom Hanks got tired of it for every meal in Castaway
Our other German friend Britta missing from the previous group shot
Unable to sit still for long finding some Island games

Ciao from Chichima San Blas Panama
Until you get home and find the gift the Island keeps giving… Sand Flies (sorry Ursula for the feet picture)


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6 thoughts on “Learning How to Slow Down

  1. LOL! Thanks for the apology Dustin. Maybe the group should start a blog so you guys can keep up with us: “Not RTW”. Hee hee. Take care. We miss you guys! Keep the posts coming.

  2. That looks like a great spot – definitely my type of getaway …. btw, we need you to place some orders for some equipment for VMworld and Citrix Synergy ….. just kidding!!! I thought that would help put things in perspective for you!
    – Curt

    1. Haha, thanks Curt I needed some perspective but yet somehow I do strangely miss work or maybe it’s just the cube crew. Don’t forget that Citrix owes us 45+ 12g servers back after October 19th! 😉

  3. Slowing down is definitely something I need to work on as well. I tend to over-plan, and then when I’m on the road I always keep thinking about the next place I’m going and planning for that too. It’s certainly a good skill to have to be able to just relax once in a while!

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