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Not sure how many of you realize this out there, but Libraries are totally awesome! I remember as a kid dreading the library. Typically a trip to the library meant you were working on a book report, completing some sort of science fair project or even worse…studying for a difficult exam during a mandatory study hall.

Well, my view of the Library has COMPLETELY changed since we started planning our RTW trip. In years past when I have traveled to new places, I have been guilty of purchasing an expensive travel book here and there. However, when you decide to start planning a round the world adventure and have more countries listed on your dream list than you can count on 2 hands, cost can really add up fast! Enter…the library visit. One Sunday afternoon the hubby and I decided to check out the nearest library to us. It is a small one and therefore I really didn’t expect much. The city libraries are a bit further away so we thought why not check what this one had. We got there and I could not believe how many books they had…Frommers, Fodors, Lonely Planet, The Rough Guides, etc… We hung out reading thinking since we didn’t live too close by we would likely not be able to check any books out. Did you know you can check out up to something like 20 books at a time for a 2 week period and it is FREE! All we ended up needing to have was a TX drivers license! It felt so weird walking out with the books.  Since that weekend I have made several trips to the city libraries and have checked out too many books to list.

Did I say already that libraries are awesome?

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