Life is a Highway

Day 48 –  Saratoga to Rawlins, WY – 48 miles

We managed to make it all the way to Wyoming without our route forcing us onto a highway, until now.

Overnight spot in Saratoga, WY

The snow melt is threating to close I-80
Folks in Saratoga are bracing for high waters this coming Tuesday

Who knew, great Thai food in Rawlins; thanks Chris and Jess for the suggestion

Overnight spot in Rawlins, hey at least we got showers

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Techie, TreeHugger, Outdoor Adventurist, Motorhead, and can now say World Traveler!

0 thoughts on “Life is a Highway

  1. Hi Dustin!!!
    Wyoming looks awesome! hope you are having a blast on this trip!!!
    we miss you here at work, but are really glad you are having a great time!!!!!

    watch out for the hobo pools!
    Karlene B

    1. Hey Karlene hope everything is well there and that nothing is getting done without me, so I still have a job ;), kidding of course about the first half.

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