Mundo Maya

Island of Flores, Guatemala (map)

After our adventures in snorkeling Belize we found our self a bit closer to the color of lobsters and decided to head inland to the jungles of Guatemala to seek refuge.

The boat & bus rides from Belize City to Flores Guatemala took about 9 hours in total time which included the exit customs of Belize and crossing the border into Guatemala.  The Guatemala border agents attempted to run a similar scam as the Mexico border agents did, but again we were forewarned and knew not to pay into their “entry fee” bribes.

We decided to stop in Flores because of it’s proximity to the Tikal National Park and it’s amount of infrastructure for hostels and tourism.  The Tikal ruins are one of the largest archaeological Maya sites that date back to 1,000 BC and is one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites (one of many that we plan to see).

Tomorrow we move towns yet again, but as of writing this we are torn between a couple places to see, maybe both :), so stay tuned!

For those Star War fans welcome to the planet Yavin

We were excited that they actually allowed you to walk on some of the ruins
Welcoming you to my world 🙂

Do Not Climb on Ruins, You may be removed
EmSue attempting to hide from the Policia
Meanwhile I am trying my skills at the Mayan "Ball Game"
She found a bigger tree to hide her
Swinging into our hostel


We found the lobby in the Los Amigos Hostel to be quite welcoming
The island of Flores reminded us of a miniature Venice
The beer of Guatemala
You can make it around the island in less then 15 minutes

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