My Vino Life

Wine with a view of NYC earlier this year

I love wine…I mean I love wine. Particularly the red varietals. My love for red wine started the summer after my senior year in college when one of my best girlfriends and I spent a month in Europe. Now at this point in my life I did not have a palate for wine at all. My mom and sister have always enjoyed their vino, but I always just thought YUCK! During our trip I recall one evening in particular. My friend and I had traveled all day by train to get to the small town of Pisa. Yes, we were tourists wanting to see the leaning tower. I remember being somewhat worried that evening as we departed the train station with our overly stuffed backpacks in search of a place to stay the night. Typically we had been arriving into new places during daylight so finding a hotel was never stressful or scary. As I recall we walked around for quite awhile that night down Pisa’s poorly lit streets. We were becoming very aware that every hotel we were passing was already booked. Finally, we were in luck as we turned a dark street corner. The exhaustion from the stress of finding a place on top of the fact we had been on a train all day eating junk food, we realized we were starving. The lady at the hotel front desk was nice enough to point us to a small cafe nearby that she knew would still be open at this late hour. We headed to the cafe and once we settled down at our table I remember looking at the menu and scoping out the prices. Now, for those of you who know me well I am a penny pincher of sorts. As I browsed the menu I noticed the option for beverages showed that I could order a bottle of water or a bottle of their house red wine and they were the same price!!! Unbelievable right?! So, after the long day and stressful arrival, she and I decided to go with the wine. Little did I know that cheap bottle of Italian house red wine we shared that night would be the beginning of my love affair with Vino tinto (that’s spanish for red wine).

The reason for this little story is that as we plan our adventures around the world I am scoping out those places that I have come to love from afar by drinking their red wine. Some wine regions I am anxious to hopefully explore include the following:

Argentina, Chile, South Africa, Spain, France, and Australia


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