New Zealand Q&A

Wellington, New Zealand (map)

It’s been over 9 months on the road and we have visited more than 20 countries, so we thought this would be a good time to do a little reflecting back on what we have learned and experienced with a little Q&A:

  • Where outside of the United States could you see yourself living?
    • Perhaps it’s because we are here and have seen a lot of New Zealand, but it has to be top on our list to move to.
  • Why New Zealand?
    • With it’s low population density and gorgeous scenery ranging from beautiful clear beaches, numerous glaciers, 100’s of miles of hiking trails, dramatic waterfalls, and staggering mountains all in the area half the size of our home state of Texas; it’s an outdoor lovers playground.
  • Come on it can’t be that great, try to think of something negative to say?
    • Well the gas and beer prices are really high, but we have learned this to be true pretty much anywhere outside of the states; especially for gas.  But the distances really aren’t that far and they have a great bicycling atmosphere.
  • Why are New Zealander’s nicknamed after a fruit?
    • The nickname is Kiwis but not the fruit.  It’s a small flightless bird endemic to New Zealand.
  • Did you see them everywhere around New Zealand?
    • Well, no.  Actually never saw one.  Well maybe real quick while driving down the road, but then we were told later you wouldn’t see them during daylight on a road.  Turns out their numbers are getting scarcely low as dogs and other non native New Zealand predators are killing them.
  • New Zealand has a lot of predators, huh?
    • Actually not at all.  It was quite nice when hiking (or tramping) to not have to worry much at all about crossing paths with a bear or poisonous snake.  Though at the same time we did find ourselves a bit lonely in nature not spotting deer or squirrels; it’s quiet….  too quiet

Alright enough Q&A kidding around, but if you do have real questions for us about the trip leave us a comment or comment on our facebook page.  This leg of the trip found us taking the ferry from the South Island to North Island (Picton to Wellington).  Touring the capitol of New Zealand then heading up the east coast on our way to hike Mount Doom (Lord of the Ring fans will understand).


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One thought on “New Zealand Q&A

  1. Yeah, the cost of living would be the biggest downfall (and the distance from anywhere else in the world travelwise!) I suppose NZ can also be pretty boring compared to bigger cities around the world, but if you’re outdoorsy it’s great.

    Couchsurfers have commented to us that in Aussie all the creatures are out to kill you, so it’s nice to get to NZ where all the wildlife is harmless!

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