Niketown, USA

Day 68 – Eugene, OR – Rest Day

After spending 67 days of wearing lycra with a guy you met on the internet you finally have to step aside and let his woman move in, only in America :).

Mark and Mary Beth reunite after 2+ months
Some really unique cars at -
Touring the University of Oregon
They wouldn't let me on the football field like Boise State, found this alternative
It's almost NikeTown
I have seen more VW's in Eugene then anywhere else on earth (exception Mexico)

Trip to , great people and brew

No drinking and riding, wait until you arrive at your destination
Visited Eugene Brewery the previous day, but they have since been bought out by Rogue Brewery in Newport, OR
Where else can you get curry then at a Japanese restaurant -

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  1. These photos are great! I’ve been watching your progress on facebook, but for some reason just started reading your blog tonight. A couple of hours later, I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy all these pictures. They’re amazing. Truly a trip of a lifetime – may you have many more.

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