Oasis at Sea

Our first experience on a cruise was so much fun with our family that we knew we had to do it again; this time with both sets of our parents.  The Caribbean stops on this trip included the islands of Nassau, St. Thomas, St. Johns, and St. Martin.

The Boats Party Crew
Getting Down to Business
I think we are going to need a bigger boat
First Stop the Island of Nassau
Where we took in a little snorkeling before being scared off by Barracudas
Running high tail back into the mob of the Nassau markets
Departing for some island hopping over to St. Thomas & St. Johns
The parents explored St. Johns
While we explored St. Thomas on the Dollar Bus
Found our way to Coki Beach
To give snorkeling another go
This time the water was clearer and the fish were nice
But the locals were nicer
Back aboard we headed to our next island destination
St. Martin, where the cheapest transportation we found was on two wheels
Navigating the roads proved to be a little dangerous
With the planes landing on the beach and all
We eventually made it to higher ground to enjoy the views
But it made for some scary descents as we raced back to the boat
Safely back aboard we took in some rock climbing
and Zip Lining
To wrap-up a great family vacation at Sea

For more pictures checkout the slideshow below (not visible from email, come visit the blog):

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