One of the Seven Summits

Canberra, NSW, Australia (map)
Mount Kosciuszko, NSW, Australia (map)

Heading out of Sydney south to Australia’s capital city we had heard it was planned to be the most organized city in the world; the city of spacious lawns. It was no joke, a perfect symmetrical city with more traffic lights than there were people. Where it was beautiful in style it was also a bit creepy in just how few people we saw roaming the massive city. Plus something that shocked us was how close they allowed us to just drive up to the capitol building. We laughed thinking just how strict it is in the States.

Browsing through the tour guidebook one attraction did catch my eye, about 20 miles outside of the city was NASA’s deep space communication center. So we detoured to this rural pasture to see if we could make contact with aliens or Jodie Foster. Much like their capital the place was a ghost town both in tourists and workers; not joking when I say we were the only ones there. I think there was an abduction.

To round out the end of the day we headed to the largest mountain in Australia, Mount Kosciuszko, for a night of camping before making our morning assault on the peak.  Assault may be a bit of overkill considering this is one of the easiest 7 summits you can conquer.  Standing at a mere 7,345 feet and a walking track that you can drive a truck up, we made it to the summit in just a couple of hours and were greeted by a visiting elderly group on a field trip from the local retirement home.  Of course they were very friendly and offered to take many photos of us.

Conquering one of the Seven Summits; check!


New Parliament House
Perfect Symmetry
Something out of place in the distance



Hopped into a spacesuit when no one was looking
I tell you it was THIS big



The start of the 12 mile hike
It’s the little one’s you have to watch out for
Fist Pump Friday Baby!!! –

IMG_3677 Stitch


Our introduction to the most annoying thing in Australia

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