Oregon Trail

Day 45 – Jeffrey City to Lander, WY – 59 miles

Waking up was a little tough after the great party the night before, but Vikki was up and going and introduced us to her gigantic pancakes that gave us the fuel to get on down the road.

The ride was nice and mostly downhill, while starting early was chilly it was worth it to beat the wind.  Once we arrived in Lander we had plenty of time to take care of some chores and enjoy the city; what a great little haven (a mini- Austin).

Fun easy 5 mile downhill awaits

Matched my top speed on the touring bike, for the road bike it's still set at 51mph

Sorry Michelle I cheated on you :(, if it helps Denny chopped my hair too short in the front and I won't be going back (for obvious reasons :), Denny is a good guy and typical old school barber)
Taking care of laundry, unfortunately you can see the wind decided to blow in (more on this in the next blog post)
Few days back Mark had a fall causing some damage to his wheel, luckily Gannet Peak Sports took care of him on the spot versus the usual 2 week wait backlog - http://www.gannettpeaksports.com ; more on Mark's story here - http://transamericatrixie.blogspot.com/2011/06/day-44-saratoga-wy-to-rawlins-wy-48.html
Lander Brewing Company - http://www.landerbar.com
We got to talk for a long while with the owner Jim Mitchell, very cool dude and reminds me of my buddy Eric (two guys I wouldn't want to race against on bikes)

"Sampling" is the best part
Overnight spot in Lander, WY - City Park, pic from the morning after due to all the high winds the night before

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0 thoughts on “Oregon Trail

  1. Enjoyed meeting you guys. Have a great rest of your trip.
    Sorry about the wind in Lander. Your tents must have been making some noise last night. Hopefully I poured enough beer down you that you slept through it.


    1. Yeah I didn’t know my tent poles could flex that much. Mark and Jon took a rest day today since they didn’t have to be in Yellowstone by Thursday, hopefully they don’t revisit you and make it out of Lander tomorrow 😉

    1. Haha, I am so sorry, please cut my hair when I get back. I was thinking about it the other day and you have been there for all the big events; wedding, engagement, honeymoon, trips, etc…

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