Panama City Life

Panama City, Panama (map)

After spending the past month traveling practically nonstop, we were really excited to have the chance to stay put for awhile in the busy city of Panama.  Lucky for us our good friends from Texas, Gaby and Eric, happen to own an apartment in Panama City. Gaby is originally from Panama City and both her parents and siblings still live in Panama. We were beyond grateful when Gaby and Eric offered to let us stay at their place while we visited the city.

I have to say it has been really nice to have a “home base” and be able to buy groceries and do laundry regularly. Gaby’s parents and her brother have been so incredibly nice to us. Jaime, Gaby’s brother, even introduced us to Peruvian food one night. We’ve enjoyed exploring the city and of course visiting the Panama Canal.

Our bus from Costa Rica to Panama
Still happy despite the 2 hour long border crossing
Panoramic view of Panama City from Casco Antiguo
Spending the afternoon in Casco Antiguo
Panama stereotype??
Guess not!

A Panamanian hard at work

Our favorite modern building in the city center
New prescription glasses after losing mine on an overnight bus
Night out with Gaby's brother Jaime
Yoga posing around the world copycat
Miraflores Locks, Panama Canal
Seeing the Panama Canal Locks in process
Dustin doesn't handle large tourist crowds well...
A Dietitian's worst nightmare!
Panama Wildlife
Beer tasting 'round the world
The neighborhood landmark

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11 thoughts on “Panama City Life

    1. Thanks girl! We will be back on track with our blogging now that we will be moving around more frequently again. We head to Peru on Tuesday!

    1. It was there versions of Porter. The dish is Picada, we learned later this just means appetizer (really it’s just fries, chicken, sausage, and beef). Pics in your email 🙂

  1. Great post! I enjoyed Panama City. Good infrastructure. What’s the scoop with the Einstein statue? What are your next few stops?

    Happy travels!

    1. The whole district of that part of town was categorized Einstein, but not really sure the reasoning behind it. We are now in Peru and going to cover some South America (but it’s really big 🙂 )

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