Pearl Island

Koh Muk, Thailand (map)

Once we had our fill of city life in Bangkok my brilliant husband (on the morning we are checking out of our hotel I might add) was able to find/book us last minute cheap flights to south Thailand so we could get our butts to the beaches. Originally we had planned to take the overnight train, but quickly learned that the first class seats can book up way in advance during high season. Once we saw that flights were not much more than taking a “VIP” overnight bus, our decision was made. The only problem was that many of the flights to Phuket and Krabi (the other popular kick off point for many Thai islands) were either booked or the prices had suddenly spiked up to a ridiculous price. So instead Dustin got us two seats on a flight to a small coastal town just south of Krabi named Trang.

The cool thing about Trang is that it is still off the tourism radar. We arrived to the small city after a short flight and fell in love with the place. Our hotel was great AND cheap and the night food market was excellent. At this point we really were not sure which island we wanted to visit first. We met a few other tourists that first night and many of them spoke highly of the small island of Koh Muk. The word Koh in Thai just means island and the word Muk actually translates to the word Pearl. The Pearl Island…it sounded good to us!

We planned our island escape and hopped on the local ferry heading to Koh Muk. In our usual style we did not have hotel reservations, but we felt confident we would be able to find something within our budget.

Once we arrived we decided we would walk across the island (with our backpacks I might add) so we could head towards Haad Farang beach, where we were told there were plenty of budget-friendly accommodations. We were almost all but defeated after being told that place after place was booked when we finally reached the beach. At this point there were only two more places to check. The first one was one we had heard of called Charlie’s Resort and thankfully they had a room available. We were excited until they told us it would be $70 a night. We walked on to the last place thinking for sure we were out of luck, but instead Sawaddee Resort had the perfect little bungalow right on the beach all ready for us to move in and for only $25 a night!

We spent the next couple of days relaxing, meeting great people, kayaking to the nearby Emerald Cave, and of course celebrating the end of the world. We also realized we were falling for Thailand and we would be staying until our visa expired 🙂

Raining at Koh Muk Pier. We learned that this part of Thailand doesn't start their "dry" season until January
Raining at Koh Muk Pier before catching our ferry. We learned that this part of Thailand doesn’t start their “dry” season until some time in January
View from the 45 minute ferry trip to the island
Enjoying the beautiful weather at Haad Farang Beach, Koh Muk
Our beach bungalow at Sawaddee Resort
Thankfully Dustin found a friend to build sandcastles with
Sunset view from right outside our bungalow
Kayaking to Tham Morakot which means Emerald Cave in English
Emerald cave gets its name mostly because of the brilliant color the water has when you first enter the cave
Once the light fades and you are all the way into the cave it is SUPER dark and you need a head lamp to see where you are going
After bumping into a wall or two in the pitch darkness this is the rewarding oasis you discover!


We thoroughly enjoyed surviving the end of the world at the bar next to our resort
Dustin drinking the happy hour special called a Desperado. Basically it is a beer with a shot of tequila and lime juice mixed in it.
Perfect place to watch the sunset with a cocktail and a deck of cards
Sunset bliss
Catch ya later 😉

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  1. Hey guys,

    I’ve just stumbled upon your website whilst doing some research ahead of a proposed trip later this year. I’ve been looking through it for an hour or so now….it’s excellent! I can’t believe how much effort you’ve put in to documenting it all. The reviews, pricing and costing averages per day and broken down by each country in particular are incredibly helpful!
    Also, it seems as though you are doing plenty of things in each place (not scrimping too much in order to remain within budget).
    I’d like to include Central and South America in my trip (as well as South East Asia but I appreciate you’ve only just got there), did you have any issues with safety/feeling vulnerable in Central or S America?
    Keep up the good work and have fun!


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