To the Moon, Alice!

La Paz, Bolivia (map)

Leaving from Copacabana (the original one :), Brazil copied) we headed to the highest capitol in the world; La Paz, Bolivia.  We just so happened to arrive on the annual Pedestrian Day weekend.  Each year La Paz closes down the streets to all traffic so that the people can enjoy their city; pretty impressive considering just how large that city is.

We also made a quick side trip from La Paz to visit the valley of the moon; Valle de la Luna.  Unlike most national parks in the states this one was located just 6 miles outside of the city, but sadly due to urban sprawl it will probably soon be surrounded by civilization.

Just outside of La Paz we visited Valle de la Luna

We found that Valle de la Luna reminded us a lot of Bryce Canyon in Utah
Except Bryce Canyon doesn't have suburbia crowding in on it

Looking over La Paz from the Valle, still at over 12k feet elevation

Enjoying La Paz Pedestrian Day (no cars allowed!)
With a population of over 2.3 million people, La Paz is larger than Houston, TX
Every year on the first Sunday of September all cars are banned from the city streets to encourage playing in the streets
Another great thing La Paz has is Ice Cream shops the size of the Cheesecake Factory
Helping with a dropped chain

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