Roughing It

Mount Somers, New Zealand (map)
Lake Tekapo, New Zealand (map)

After spending a month of camping in Australia and with another month or two of camping in New Zealand coming up we have learned how to just semi rough it.  As we are now finding all the luxuries of home as close as our campsite.

A typical evening consists of finding a DOC (Department of Conservation) campsite or a Freedom Campsite (free camping, but must have a toilet nearby <their rules not ours>),  finding some flat ground to unpack the tent onto while ensuring no large rocks or critters are nearby (much easier to do in NZ than Australia).  Next comes the luxury…

We pop the cork on some vino (or usually cheaper box wine), turn on the big screen entertainment console (12″ laptop), then sit back and relax…  We know you’re jealous ;).

New Zealand is synonymous with fly fishing and glacier blue waters
5 Star Campsite, always more nice when you have it to yourself
The chef tonight is whipping up an exquiste spaghetti and greens
HD Movies!!! Can you name this one?
Mornings consist of an easy stroll through the empty woods
With a refreshing but brisk morning shower (not really)
In all seriousness the Mt Somers Waterfalls were quiet beautiful and relaxing
The cars mascot – Bessie – leads us to a gorgeous lake
Yoga Posing Around the World – Lake Tekapo New Zealand


The morning workout consists of shoveling rocks into the lake (in a skipping fashion)
The rest of the day results in moving down the road to the next amazing attraction and repeating; it’s pretty tough roughing it

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5 thoughts on “Roughing It

  1. I love traveling with you! What scenery!
    Can not imagine this experience of a lifetime!
    Thanks for letting me come along 🙂

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