So It Starts

Day 1 – Virgina Beach to Hampton, VA – 38 miles

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step

It took an hour to get the bike put together in the airport and head out on the road, but it gave me lots of time to make friends with the curious travelers in baggage claim.  As I started riding I was actually giddy in the 1st mile smiling big and laughing to myself as I cruised down the quaint roads of Norfolk.  Then by the 2nd mile I thought to myself oh god what are you doing, it quickly passed and I got back into the rhythm heading towards the Atlantic Ocean for ceremonial wheel dip.

Some highlights from the day:

Wheel Dip
Family originally from Pittsburgh who took my pic
Cruising the Cape Henry Trail
Hitched a ride through the Hampton Bridge / Tunnel
Ride courtesy of Joe Bousquet, helping TransAm riders since 2004

Hampton Street Festival
My Queen sure does love her wine