Surf’s Up

San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua (map)

After spending 5 days at Lake Atitlan in Guatemala we decided it was time to move on to our next country destination. We made the decision to skip over El Salvador and Honduras and head into Nicaragua. We took a 17 hour overnight bus from Guatemala City all the way to Managua, Nicaragua, and then rode another hour by bus to the city of Granada. It was a long day for us that included 3 border crossings!

We spent the next two days in Granada. We had read that the city might be similar to Antigua (an old colonial city), but our impression was that it was too hot and there were beggers EVERYWHERE. The sad part to us was to see how many young kids are out begging when they should be in school and off the streets. When we were eating dinner one evening on the popular Calle Calzada street a small boy even attempted to grab food off my plate!

While in Granada we heard great things about San Juan del Sur, a beach town only a few hours away by bus and closer to the border of Costa Rica. We headed there on Monday and were very pleasantly surprised. The past couple of days we have enjoyed the beaches, sunsets, surfing, and hiking up to the highest overlook in town. It is hard to leave this place, but Costa Rica awaits us!

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7 thoughts on “Surf’s Up

  1. Who’ that beautiful dancer on the beach? It’s such a great image but can’t see her face! Looks like a great beach area and the surf looks doable, and your form is….well anyway Dustin, your up!

  2. Hey Guys – Just saying hello and letting you know I’m following along …. looks like you’ve been to 4 countries so far Mexico, Belize, Guatamula and Nicaragua …. lookes like your having fun! Keep it up!

    – Curt

    1. Hey Curt, thanks for saying hi! I wish more folks would comment if nothing else just to let us know you are out there, it’s good to still feel connected.

      Have I missed any great cube stories or gang up on Curt sessions? 🙂

  3. Hey Dustin – No, nothing really new here – although Bharath is now managing director of vmware and his old group now reports up through Judy. And it looks like we are going to acquire as our cornerstone to Swainson’s sw business. Other than that, nothing else noteworthy – I’ll let you know when/if there is anything. Until then, keep forging ahead!
    – Curt

  4. Hi guys!!! Loving the coverage and pics of you RTW tour. So happy to see you are accomplishing your dreams…. Stay safe!

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