In our last post How to see Paris in 9 hours – Part 1 we left Paris at 5pm of day 1 and made it into Interlaken Switzerland around 11pm of day1; 3 countries in 24 hours woo hoo!

Though over the next few days we planned to slow down and smell the roses
This was EmilySue’s 2nd trip to Interlaken so I thought I could convince her to be our tour guide and take in the sites of waterfalls, high mountain hikes, and all things between the lakes. Our first adventure was to go for a scenic bike ride to some waterfalls, but I underestimated the motivation of her desire to ride bikes up hills.
She did later find some other two wheeled transportation she preferred
Eventually though the road ended and we had to go at it by foot
Which can be complicated due to the snowfall
And required some stretching
The surroundings were so nice
That we had to stop to take in the sights
Before making our way back down to Interlaken
Just remember to pack plenty of pain relievers

To see all the Switzerland trip pics here are a few slide-shows from all 3 days, next On to Italy!

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