Telluride Via Ferrata

With the winter season closing in fast for Colorado my buddy Sam and I made a last minute trip plan to tackle the “Iron way” or the Telluride Via Ferrata.

The short summary is you are basically taking a hike on the side of a cliff that results in a lateral ladder system.  Where it doesn’t require any rock climbing skills; it does help if you are not afraid of heights and able to do at least 10 pull-ups.

Start of the Via Ferrata

Krogerata Via Ferrata Route

Via Ferrata Start of Hike

Drop Off Car
Kim taking off to find her own hike

Telluride Switchbacks

Via Ferrata Hike

Telluride Panoramic

Via Ferrata Hike

More like the French Via Ferrata

Iron Way

Telluride Via Ferrata Wall

Via Ferrata Wall

Via Ferrata Wall

Via Ferrata

Big Arms

Long Way Down

Get it

Made It

Pandora Mining

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